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Welcome to the world of Leo Wing Chun Chinese Kung Fu, where learning transcends the ordinary. Led by our esteemed Head of School, Master Leo Au Yeung, we invite you to delve into the rich and diverse realm of martial arts through our exclusive seminars and workshops.

Unlocking Mastery:Leo Wing Chun Chinese Kung Fu Seminars

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Mastering the Arts

At Leo Wing Chun Chinese Kung Fu Institute, we believe in the continuous pursuit of knowledge and skill refinement. Our seminars cover a spectrum of special topics, including Internal Qi Gong, Wing Chun, Hung Gar, and Practical Self-Defence Techniques. Under the guidance of Master Leo Au Yeung, participants gain insights into the essence of these traditional arts, blending time-tested techniques with modern applications.

Building a Global Community

Leo Wing Chun Chinese Kung Fu Institute goes beyond local borders, fostering a sense of community through our training camps held in various corners of the globe. Join us in Spain, Germany, Hong Kong, the US, Vietnam, Thailand, Prague, and beyond as we unite enthusiasts and practitioners in a shared passion for martial arts. These training camps offer not only an immersive learning experience but also a chance to connect with like-minded individuals, forging friendships that extend beyond the dojo.

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Recent Seminars/Workshops

Leo Wing Chun Chinese Kung Fu was pleased to have been invited to perform a kung fu display at the premiere opening of Kung Fu Panda 4 on March 24th at Vue Leicester Square. The team was excited to showcase their skills and passion for the art of kung fu at this prestigious event. Our Junior Tigers and adult students had the opportunity to showcase their impressive kung fu skills. It was a thrilling event that left everyone in awe of their dedication and hard work.


  • Led by Master Leo Au Yeung, the renowned Chinese martial arts expert and movie fight choreographer for Marvel Studios and the IP MAN Movies.

  • Beautiful settings: Train amidst the picturesque backdrop of Prague, blending ancient traditions with modern practice.



Prague Training Trip 2024
Dive into Martial Arts Mastery!

coming soon!!!

Discover the essence of martial arts in the enchanting city of Prague with our upcoming training trip. Immerse yourself in the profound teachings of Internal Wing Chun, the rejuvenating practice of Qi Gong, and the dynamic artistry of Chinese Kickboxing.

Choose your option:

Option 1: 5 Days [19-23rd April]

Option 2: 4 Days [19-22nd April]

Training Highlights:

Internal Wing Chun: Explore the principles of sensitivity, efficiency, and internal power that make Wing Chun a powerful form of self-defence.

Qi Gong: Harmonize breath, movement, and meditation to cultivate internal energy, promoting overall well-being and balance.

Chinese Kickboxing: Unleash your potential with dynamic strikes, kicks, and fluid movements, developing agility, strength, and precision.

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