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tai chi (qi gong)

In our Tai Chi sessions, you will delve into the nuanced principles of balancing Yin and Yang energies, mastering the skill of effectively counteracting external pressures. These classes prioritise enhancing your awareness of body posture, enabling you to perfect your alignment and stability. Additionally, we place great value on the practice of bodily relaxation, guiding you on how to use relaxation as a form of energy. This involves urging you to establish a profound connection with the inherent forces of nature, fostering a harmonious integration of body, mind, and the Earth. Our ultimate goal is to lead you towards attaining a state of harmony among your body, mind, and the natural world through the art of Tai Chi.

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  • In alignment with the principles and philosophy of Taoism and Buddhism

  • Discover the application of Yin and Yang balance to neutralise incoming pressure.

  • Elevate your awareness of body posture.

  • Embrace bodily relaxation and connect your body to the power of nature.

  • Achieve synchronisation among body, mind, and the Earth.

  • Comprehend the fundamental meaning of life.

  • In the foundational tenets of Taoism, learn to live in the present and cultivate adaptability, embodying a neutral approach.

Our Tai Chi classes are designed to offer students hand-on-hand instructions and a supportive environment where you can focus on moving in a slow, gentle, relaxed process. At Leo Chinese Kung Fu, we work hard to transform your body, mind, and soul.


Adults Tai Classes
Adults Tai


  • Improve body and mind awareness

  • Learn to focus on the present

  • Functional strength for everyday life

  • Boosted mobility and body control

  • Low-impact exercise 



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