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Martial Arts Class

Kids Programme

Welcome to Leo Wing Chun Chinese Kung Fu Institute, where we deliver top-notch, high-quality training focusing on Chinese Kung Fu and practical self-defence for children ages 5-13.


Young warriors will explore the fundamental essence of Chinese Martial Arts in the forms of Hung Gar, Choy Li Fatt, and Wing Chun, as well as focusing on practical self-defence techniques tailored for their age group. Our classes are crafted to provide excellent instruction in Chinese Kung Fu, placing emphasis on techniques that are effective and applicable in real-world self-defence situations.

Committed to excellence, our instructors dedicate themselves to imparting skills that are not only impactful but also practical, ensuring that young students receive the highest quality training in the art of Chinese Martial Arts and self-defence.


Join us on a journey of empowerment and skill development at Leo Wing Chun Chinese Kung Fu Institute!

Little Dragon (4-6)

The Chinese Kung Fu Class for our Little Dragons is a specialised and engaging self-defence journey designed for children aged 4 to 6. Focused on foundational life skills, physical and mental development, and safety awareness, the programme offers a safe and fun environment for Little Dragons to learn discipline, concentration, and confidence. With interactive activities, experienced instructors, and an emphasis on starting young, the programme aims to lay a strong foundation for lifelong learning, positive character development, and physical fitness.

Practicing Martial Arts
Karate Practice

Junior Tiger (7-13)

Our Junior Tigers aged 7-13 classes take children on a journey to explore the essence of Chinese martial arts through the fundamental principles of Hung Gar, Choy Li Fatt, and Wing Chun. Alongside delving into these traditional forms, students also learn comprehensive self-defence skills, equipping them with the ability to protect themselves effectively.

Designed to address the unique challenges of this developmental stage, the programme focuses on personal development, effective communication, discipline, and control. It also emphasises the building of essential skills such as concentration, coordination, strength, and teamwork. With practical self-defence training covering short, mid, and long-range techniques, the programme equips Junior Tigers with the tools to stay safe in an environment where crime rates may be a concern. Rooted in the legacy of Chinese martial arts, the programme not only imparts physical skills but also instils character traits that will benefit Junior Tigers throughout their lives.


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