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Wing Chun

Discover the genuine and time-honoured discipline of Wing Chun under the tutelage of Master Leo Au Yeung. Our teachings directly trace their origins to the eldest and youngest sons of Ip Man in Hong Kong, ensuring an authentic experience. Specialising in close-distance combat and self-defence, Wing Chun empowers you to defend against stronger opponents by optimising movement efficiency. Emphasising angles, relaxation, reflexes, and levers, Wing Chun doesn't rely on high speed or physical strength, making it particularly practical for individuals with weaker or smaller physiques.



Authentic Tradition: At Leo Wing Chun Chinese Kung Fu, we take great pride in preserving the authentic tradition of Wing Chun. Our teachings are directly passed down from the eldest and youngest sons of Ip Man in Hong Kong, ensuring that you receive the purest form of this martial art.


Masterful Instruction: Led by Master Leo Au Yeung, our classes benefit from over three decades of his specialised experience in Wing Chun. His expertise goes beyond routine teachings – he has crafted a unique instructional style that not only encompasses traditional forms and movements but also delves into fundamental principles and practical applications relevant to real-life situations.


Practical Focus: Our classes are designed with a practical focus, going beyond the theoretical aspects of Wing Chun. You will learn how to apply the art in self-defence scenarios, gaining valuable skills to control time and space strategically. This practical approach enhances your ability to navigate critical situations effectively.


Inclusive Atmosphere: At Leo Wing Chun, we believe in creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment. Our classes welcome individuals of all ability levels, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and empowered on their Wing Chun journey.

Discover a Wing Chun experience at Leo Wing Chun Chinese Kung Fu that goes beyond the ordinary. Our commitment to authenticity, masterful instruction, practical focus, and inclusivity sets us apart, providing you with a holistic martial arts experience. Join us to unlock the full potential of Wing Chun!

  • Improve fitness levels

  • Improve flexibility

  • Boost reflex reaction speed in close-distance combat

  • Boosted mobility and body control

  • Boost self-defence

  • Increase confidence

  • Understanding Chinese Philosophy and the way of living




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