Women Self-Defence

Women Self-Defence

The Chinese Kung Fu Institute and Wutian Martial Art Institute are collaborating for the first time in a joint project to promote women self-defence. We will be giving a structured class in Russell Square London specifically designed for women who wish to learn self-defence and personal safety.

You will learn realistic street defence including:

  • locks
  • takedowns
  • punching
  • kicking

These lessons will be integrated with Wing Chun techniques that do not rely on brute strength but instead play with angles and focus on training the core muscles.

The class will be taught by Jai Chan, a female instructor, who through over ten years of trial and error has compiled only the best portfolio of practical real life self combat techniques and Master Leo Au Yeung, the UK’s leading Wing Chun practitioner and choreographer of the movie “Ip Man”.

We aim to raise awareness prepare and empower women with practical skills, knowledge and judgement should they find themselves in a bad situation.

Start learning how to protect yourself today! All levels are welcome!

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Russell square center
Camden Chinese Community Centre
9 Tavistock Place

Every Thursday
Class times:
7.00pm – 8.30pm