Learn Tai Chi


Tai Chi, formally developed as a soft-style martial art, has become well known globally for its health benefits and a means of fitness training. Tai Chi has been taught since the early 16th century and is believed to promote a general sense of well-being, preventing and curing diseases. Its prime purpose is to promote health in a slow relaxed manner, without jarring or hurting the body.

The exercise requires a high degree of concentration, with the mind free of distractions. Focusing the mind solely on the movements of the form purportedly helps to bring about a state of mental calm and clarity.

Tai Chi makes an ideal complement to sport or other martial arts training as a warm up or warm down technique, although it may still be used as a system of self-defence after years of training and practice.

Health benefits of practicing Tai Chi

  • Reduces stress through meditation and relaxation
  • Stimulating the mind, improving concentration, focus and co-ordination
  • Improve balance and control, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness
  • Increase levels of fitness and muscle tone
  • Improve the function of internal organs
  • Promote a general sense of well being
  • Rehabilitation for sufferers of stroke and high blood pressure