Leo Chinese Kung Fu Institution is now launching Wing Chun classes for children between the ages of 5 to 16. Our classes will be on every Thursday at 5:30pm – 6:30pm at Russell Square (Saturday classes at 1.30pm – 2.30pm coming up soon).


The class will be taught by our suitably trained, CBR checked, certified female martial art instructor – Sifu Jai Chan.


Sifu Jai Chan has over fifteen years of experience teaching children and young adults in primary and secondary schools in London, Ireland and Hong Kong. Her classes have received positive feedbacks from schools, parents and children because she builds self esteem in children and encourage them to realise their full potential. In the past, she has also worked with refugee children and anti-bullying workshops for troubled kids at schools. Being a student of Sifu Leo Au Yeung herself, Sifu Jai Chan is committed to pass on Chinese Kung Fu (Wing Chun) to third generation students of Leo Chinese Kung Fu Institution.


Wing Chun allows people of a physically smaller stature such as children to perform technique effectively as it plays with angles and co-ordinations. Some of the key traits of Wing Chun are close range combat, quick coordinated attacks, tight guard, agile stances, flexibility and use of the core power.


Wing Chun classes not only serve as an extra-curricular activity for children but as a highly desired skill with long term benefits by helping them to:

  • Learn better focus and discipline;
  • Foster respect for rules and your opponent;
  • Learn conflict resolution; and
  • Improve body co-ordinations.


Our institute also has long term goals in mind for your child. Our aim is to progress your child through our unique levels system indicated by the colour kung fu sash and certificated award. We use the levels to motivate students to improve and to thrive in healthy competitions. Achieving Level 8 (Black Sash) and beyond is what students should ultimately aim for. It reflects skills and determination from years of practice and commitment. All students would be graded by Sifu Leo Au Yeung and Sifu Jai Chan.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Sifu Jai Chan on 077 2978 4054.

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