London Wing Chun School – Sifu Leo Au Yeung


As well as teaching in London, Master Leo has worked on several Hong Kong movies as a Wing Chung consultant and fight choreographer, most notably with director Sammo Hung on the multi-award winning ‘Ip Man’ and its sequels ‘The Legend is Born – Ip Man’ and ‘Ip Man: Final Fight’.

Why learn from us?

The main objective and priority of our school is to teach first rate traditional Chinese Kung Fu in London. We operate in a safe and friendly environment in order to make our students feel welcomed. Our students will appreciate the art of self-defence and develop a true understanding about the essence of pure Chinese Kung Fu.

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Spain trip day 2 !!

Ip man movie choreographer Sifu Leo Au Yeung & globe-trotting filmmaker Patrick Watkins present "THE SPIRIT OF KUNG FU".

Over one year in the making & spanning all four seasons, this documentary presents a showcase of genuine traditional Chinese martial arts.

From Wing Chun, to the three treasures of Hung Gar, & the devastating Choy Lay Fut, to authentic classical weapon styles; those of poles, broadswords & Knives.

With fundamental techniques & applications demonstrated for every style & form presented, this is an endeavour towards further understanding of these arts. A look at present practices of preserved innovations, always noting their background and historical foundations.

From legends such as the Southern Shaolin Temple, through the likes of some of China's greatest martial artists. These are the arts that were inspired & developed by the likes of Wong Fei Hung, Tid Kiu Saam, Chan Heung, Ip Man, Bruce Lee & Lau Kar Leung.

With centuries' worth of enlightened knowledge, these arts continue to be diligently passed from Sifu to student. This is The Spirit of Kung Fu.
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