London Wing Chun School – Sifu Leo Au Yeung


As well as teaching in London, Master Leo has worked on several Hong Kong movies as a Wing Chung consultant and fight choreographer, most notably with director Sammo Hung on the multi-award winning ‘Ip Man’ and its sequels ‘The Legend is Born – Ip Man’ and ‘Ip Man: Final Fight’.

Why learn from us?

The main objective and priority of our school is to teach first rate traditional Chinese Kung Fu in London. We operate in a safe and friendly environment in order to make our students feel welcomed. Our students will appreciate the art of self-defence and develop a true understanding about the essence of pure Chinese Kung Fu.

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I will be the guest instructor to the BDS Sumner camp on June this year. If you are interested, you are welcome to join me. See you there !!! ... See MoreSee Less

It is now official; Sifu Leo Au Yeung, known to most as the stunt choreographer and technical advisor of the famous Ip Man movies will follow Sifu Boehlig´s invitation to conduct a three hour seminar at this year´s Wing Tsjun Summer Camp. Master Leo Au Yeung has been practicing Wing Chun for over twenty years. He was the official Wing Chun fight choreographer for the famous Chinese movie Ip Man and the third follow up movie The Legend is Born: Ip Man. Born in Hong Kong, Master Leo Au Yeung learned Wing Chun directly from the eldest son of the legendary Ip Man, Grand Master Ip Chun. He trained for many years with him and acted as the English translator to Ip Chun’s foreign students who came from all over the world to learn from him. It is through this training and close working relationship, that Master Leo Au Yeung was able to learn and understand Ip Chun’s style of Wing Chun which he uses today to train his students. Master Leo Au Yeung is a life time member of the Ip Man Martial Arts Association, and a life time registered Instructor of the Yip Man Martial Art Association Hong Kong which was graded by Grand Master Ip Chun himself. He also studied this form of martial arts with Sifu Sin Kwok Lam who was the producer of the Ip Man movie trilogy (Ip Man; Ip Man 2; The Legend is Born: Ip Man) and later became the Chief Instructor in England for his lineage. Master Leo is also a qualified instructor under Sifu Samuel Kwok Martial Arts Association. As well as teaching Wing Chun, Master Leo also teaches other forms of martial arts including Chinese Kick Boxing, Tai Chi, Hung Gar and use of various weapons.

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